Yasha Gerits
Yasha Gerits (born in Amsterdam 1955)
Yasha Gerits On her fifteenth birthday Yasha was convinced of the need for a different attitude of humanity in relation to our Earth and each other. Healthy, untreated, and vegetarian food was a new issue in the Netherlands around 1970, and opinions were divided.

In 1980 Yasha became a Sanyassin, with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) and went to Poona in India to practice her assignment - 'living through the heart', by giving combined foot massages & rebirthing.

Yasha's travels took her to India and Israel as well as to be involved in many years of working within the Dutch mental healthcare system, as well as caring for the homeless and addicts, which merely reinforced her opinions.
Her sons (1983 and 1990) both followed primary education at the Waldorf School (Anthroposophical educational method developed by Rudolf Steiner) so it's sure that Mother Earth played a big role in their formation. Yasha participated very regularly in all occurring activities at their school in those years, learning a lot about biological and environmentally sound lifestyles during this period.

When Yasha was rejected for work years later, she decided that she was too young to do nothing and picked up all her courage and for the first time in her life she started out on her own. She turned her hobby, the development and promoting of websites on Ibiza, into her work and registered her one-woman business - Svaya Webbings and IBIZA 4 ALL, a small, personal hosting and ranking company, with a focus on IBIZA. In order to live a healthy life, we must take personal responsibility for preserving the welfare and the beauty of our planet. (The servers for Yasha's business are 90% powered by green energy, as is usual nowadays in the Netherlands  Always happy to come to the island , to relax and enjoy nature, Yasha prefers eating 'home grown'. Respect for the beauty of nature, the wonderful sea, the authenticity of the people, is the message Ibiza brings for her - to respect life.

Ibiza is a fantastic beautiful island with a complex ecosystem. Each summer it is flooded by millions of tourists who probably never ask: where the water comes from, or why they should separate their waste, why they should not throw glass bottles from the party boats, or why they should not throw cigarette butts out of their car windows?

Meanwhile in the Netherlands, with many global academic studies as in many other developed countries, Yasha is convinced that the benefits of producing unsprayed food, organic meat & vegetables, coupled with a strong ecologically sound existence, including reducing CO2 emissions and oil consumption, are the only ways to secure the future for our world and for our children.

Ibiza is a 'trend-setting island', visited by many people from all over the world, Yasha considers it as the perfect place to do her bit for the Global Transition initiative.
So, together with Peter her partner, she is presently responsible for the development and maintenance of the Ibiza transition island websites: www.ibiza-transition-island.com and www.ibiza-isla-transicion.com.


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